Friday, February 8, 2013

iPad Painting

"Cheery Toms" painted with Auryn Ink app on iPad with Wacom Bamboo Stylus

Today was the first anniversary of my stepping out the backdoor onto black ice when a mat gave way to the ice - I went legs akimbo - ankle FELL off of my talus bone..broke two out of three ankle doing a 90 degree turn from it's usual working spot.  I saw a lot flash before my eyes that day, including, will I ever be able to walk again?  I am walking - not the greatest still, after two surgeries - pins and plates and tissue and bone removal/clean-up and a year of healing and exercise and special care.  What an experience. I really hope ALL of you are careful when on ice or suspected ice.  I plan to make this particular anniversary the last to be 'needed to be remembered'. 

Anyway, stayed inside - even though I can maneuver ice with my ice cleats.  Made an afternoon of it with the iPad painting programs I have.


Noel (with two dots over the "e") said...

Glad you are still improving and back on your feet. You have had a painful time of it. Keep walking with your art!

Pattie Wall said...

Thank you Noel (with two dots over the "e") hmm, how do you do that one on the keyboard? I am now into a new year - with a new attitude about it all...pushing this all behind me is my goal going forward from here.