Monday, February 18, 2013

iPad Painting of an Airedale

This is an iPad painting done in an app called iPastel. It was the first time I had used it.  I would like to explore it more, as some use it so there are soft, soft edges.  It's possible to 'trace' in many painting apps...but I usually don't go there. This one is freehanded.  I couldn't find the color I needed just below the collar, so I got frazzled and scribbled it in any color..ha!

I have had some dental work done a few days ago, it has taken me for a whirl.  
Feeling much more like myself today...back to it. Have a commission of something I have never done on the easel right now - love the challenge.  Several to mat and frame and ship tomorrow.  Yay!

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Barbara Pask said...

This is very cool Pattie, something I know nothing about. It is fun to try new different things isn't it? Keeps things exciting. I have seen David Kassan draw online with it, amazing.

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Barb - it is just like anything else, another medium, plus techie skills. Very quick and different - easy to remove mistakes - lots of choices in brushstrokes and color...too many choices in apps/the number of them makes my head spin...and I finally realized, I don't need them ALL, ha!