Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Painting a Dog and Making a Slide Show Video

Today I painted in the studio which hasn't happened much since Spring has decided to speak to some things that need to get done on the farmstead.
I took photos with my iPad as I went along and the stages are NOW in a video on YouTube - so you can see the process of painting a pet/animal portrait.  I had to upload it three times to be satisfied...but in the end, it turned out like I wanted.
This is NOW easy to do and I am hoping to make some more.  The trick is finding music that is copyright free.  At first, I chose some iTune music which is a NO NO on social media - the Facebook police were all over that one.  So now it has such music accompaniment.  Thanks for watching.  Comments are greatly appreciated.


Gwen Lewis said...

Pattie Wall, I'm learning so much from you. Thanks!

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Gwen, wish I would have taken more photos..hard to slow down sometimes.