Thursday, April 11, 2013

WIP and Working on Repairs

 While waiting in the Jeep on a hot day with the dogs in Frisco, Colorado for DH to return from the store  ~ I took a great couple of photos of a raven in a tree.  I loved the way the photos turned out.  Upon returning from our trip which was  last year, I got out a 16" x 20" canvas and sketched in the scene with acrylic.  I meant for it to BE an acrylic painting, but as it sometimes goes, it didn't get very far.  I didn't like it and in lieu of 'wiping' -because one really has to be fast to wipe an acrylic painting it dries so fast, I made it into a story.  Poor RAVEN - he was caught in a bad storm and was about to be blown out of the trees.  Nuff said, and I put it behind another BIG painting that has about the same dilemma.

What you see above is something that can be 
likened to 'scribbling it out'.

Today, I FINALLY got to the studio after being 'house bound' for a couple of days. We have had a MEGA ice storm in North Central Kansas..and this ankle STILL does not want to go across ANY ice right now.  However, upon arrival there today, I began to look through canvas and ideas and came across this one.
I think the truth of it was and still is, there was soooo much detail in the pine trees that he was sitting in...and without painting them - 
well, it just wouldn't work.   Also, the large surface area - needs some detail.
Today I felt like revisiting it IN OIL paint and tackling those trees - head on.
The raven would be fine, it was working, the trees?  Had to get that one going, and I think I did. Here is a photo on the progression today.  The 'wind' died down, of course.
I am liking it - it calls to me now - it will get finished.
I like the bold acrylic colors as an undercoat.

With that ICE and snow, we had MUCHO wind.  We have a great bird feeder
that was left on this farmstead when we bought it.  DH has mended it a few times..but the strong winds a few days ago took it right off it's mooring and it smashed apart pretty bad.   (There are more times than fingers of things the wind has ruined here - this IS Kansas, afterall.) 

My studio is adjacent to his shop..he worked on rebuilding the bird feeder today - using some of the old structure and adding to it with some new wood, staples and screws.
Below is the bird feeder one winter with a bird TOO BIG for it..
but you get the idea of where it has been and how it has been used.
Definitely  NOT YOUR SIZE sir...

And here it is in the shop today
getting a rejuvenation.

Lid open..

lid closed.

I think Winter is not coming back anymore...I am crossing my fingers.
The next moisture we get should be only 'rain'.  But Kansas
is alot like Colorado (lived in the 'Golden' area)...change of the seasons, you don't know what you will get.
In Colorado, it depends on what comes over the it's about the 'highs' or 'lows' that come across the plains..usually from the north...and if storms creep up from the south, you have fair warning.
Tornado season is starting now, OH YAY!!


Claire Beadon Carnell said...

I loved reading this Pattie, and especially seeing the development of the raven. You have been having ice, and we are having temps in the 80's - just not ready for weather that hot yet, not when it was in the 40's just last week.
Heading across the pond in just a couple of days...will be curious to see what the weather is like over there!
I'll be out of the loop for awhile, but look forward to coming home and seeing what your very creative self has been up to :)

Barbara Pask said...

Oh Pattie, you have been through it, you need to move to Ohio, lol I LOVE your new/old painting, the bird is really wonderful as is the background, it is really special. Spring has finally arrived her though tomorrow will only be in the 50's but it is here, I am sure, I think. lol. Happy painting, take care of that ankle.

Helen H Trachy said...

How I love your painting with the bird...even unfinished. Very nice brushstrokes.

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Claire, Barb and Helen. I enjoyed the way this one started - I placed it where I could see it everyday..and over time imagined how I really wanted it. Love how art process plays out in your mind over time.