Monday, October 6, 2014

A Pastel of a Rabbit

"Wild Hare"
6" x 5"
pastel on UArt sandpaper

I picked up some UArt sandpaper in a sample package. This, and
the last pastel were done on the 240 grit, which
is the largest 'tooth' in the selection.
I don't think I like it for detail, it doesn't let the pastel get
down into the tooth without lots of scrubbing.
I think I need to downplay that 'purple' that shows up in this
photo, around the doesn't show up so much
on the easel - but it might.

800 grit, is supposed to be the 
smoothest and finest.

I have read lots of artists like the 400 grit...maybe I will 
try it in between today's and the 800.

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