Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Alla Prima - Day 2

Monday came (9/24 - the one year anniversary of us buying OUR house here on the west slopes of Westcliffe) of the actual PAINT OUT. What do I paint, where do I go?  Our new accessory building is being built by a local builder who is also building a house on a lovely property east of town.  We had been invited to come see his work and yes, it is awesome.  I contacted the owners, who live out of town and asked if I could paint there this week. They said yes!

I painted in oil on Saturday.  I wanted to do a pastel or two, so took my pastels, pastel pencils and Inktense pencils with me on this paint out.  It was a super beautiful day.  Got a little breezy and rainy at the end of my time there but painted two large pastels.  These two were later submitted for the Plein Air show on Friday. First four photos of house and property - amazing lookout tower on top of house, they can see all over the area..she will use it as a retreat - for crafting and painting and reading, to me the sky would be the limit! Envious!

This is NOT our house..just so you know.

I painted with no one else around, how cool it that?

"Mellow Yellow"
13" x 16" 
pastel on Art Spectrum

13" x 17"
pastel on velour paper


Chris Lally said...

Wow, Pattie! I can understand why you like to paint out there!
And what a house! That lookout tower IS amazing. One can dream...

Your two paintings are great submissions for the show - two strong pieces! :}

Pattie Wall said...

Thank you Chris, my one and only comment leaver - most of the time. My poor blog..has really gone by the wayside. Back in the day, I loved seeing so many comments..they sure wane away when the blog lies dormant..anyway, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment . Yes, one can only dream, it's a neat space, and lucky gal to get it. I remember the days of working in a dark basement - oh the wish for real daylight to help, but now I have it. Things moved up in the world for me. ha!