Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Alla Prima Week - Day 1

I just completed a week long event "Alla Prima Westcliffe" - an event where artists gather and paint totally outdoors each day and then turn in up to 3 works for an art show at the end of the week.  

As most art shows go, there needs to be an ''art judge' who has the daunting task of choosing or selecting art for awards that he/she deem worthy.  Along with that job, this artist often offers a workshop on the front end of the event.  

This week we were graced with the tutelage of an awesome landscape/plein air workshop (at an affordable cost)  by Colorado artist Tim Deibler/OPA (Oil Painters of America) from Walsenburg.  There are artists who participate and come back to this event year after year...that says something about the caliber and the prestige of the event, sponsored by the Sangres Art Guild. 

Since I had not painted en plein air for several years (only the last few weeks) I decided I needed to take this course, besides, it's a great way to start alla prima week - painting together with and meeting new (to me) artists, from Westcliffe, as well as from other places..like Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Woodland Park, Silverthorne, Centennial and even Eugene, Oregon 

We painted at a location/ranch/cabin just north of Westcliffe, that is owned by the Samuelson family.  Artist Rebecca Samuelson passed away unexpectedly in recent times and her husband has set up a fund - "Rebecca's Fund". 

The Wet Mountain Valley Community Foundation has established the Rebecca Samuelson Memorial Fund in Rebecca's memory to benefit the arts in Custer County. Rebecca had a particular fondness for the art program for children in the Custer County Schools.

Tim Deibler

The setting for art easels and gear.  About the only
special item one needs to paint outdoors is a sturdy
easel, that withstands the wind.

Me. It was a great sun filled day - and yes, I stood for the most part of this first day.
This was the test...having ankle issues, didn't know if I could stand for the entire time.
But I made it throughout the week and could still walk without needing special care
or cane or any help.

I painted my first painting with Tim's demo in mind, that's how you learn.
The view to Humboldt peak.

Then I painted this little cabin that was on the property.
It is not a final photo, as it was wet when I took this picture and there is 
a lot of shine.
 It was a successful day.  I was on my way.  What a great sendoff!

In my mind, I thought I could probably paint 3 a day..well, the story will be continued - next post.
This event was on Saturday and Sunday, I chose to do Saturday, with a day's break in between the beginning day - Monday.


If you would like to donate to a praiseworthy cause I mentioned above (which allowed several art students from the high school to attend) you can send your donation to: 
Rebecca Samuelson Memorial Fund
PO Box 718
Westcliffe, CO 81252

Please note on your check that the donation is for the Rebecca Samuelson memorial fund.


Chris Lally said...

What FUN! So generous of you to share your workshop experience, Pattie!
And I would agree - a very successful day!!

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Chris - figure, I am not blogging lately, and this is the only thing going on in my art life right now - so why not.