Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Entered in This Month's Photography and Tabletop Art Show

AT the 3rd Street Gallery in Westcliffe, things are hoppin'.  We 'took in' lots of art and photography entries for the latest 1st floor art show for the month of November.  I entered 4 small pieces (they can't measure over 10" along the bottom of the frame.)  The reception is Saturday, Nov 3rd. That is 'my day' to work at the gallery, as well. It's sure to be a great show from the looks of what was brought in yesterday. Stay tuned for more!

6" x 6"

6" x 8"

4" x 6"

SOLD at Show
5" x 7"

This year, I have seen the true benefit of painting '30 in 30 with Leslie Saeta' 
earlier in the year. That event has
given me lots of inventory to play with for the year.
These are all painted in that month of Feb. 2018.
We are looking at maybe a big snow storm to arrive today, 4 to 8 inches.
Wouldn't you know it, tomorrow the garage door guys are supposed to
come to install the new garage doors on our RV building.
Yes, it is almost finished (after 5 months).  There is still ONE long piece of
metal siding missing at the walk-in door.  
The builder was shorted in the delivery.


Victoria Culbertson said...

These painting should do well! You do animals so great!! Oh my! about the snow and no doors! Praying it all works out soon. As for metal shortage delivery it must be a thing that happens often because when we had our metal roof put up this past spring our roofer had a shortage of delivery too so he went around town and picked up pieces from other roofers who had the same color to finish it off. I wonder why this would happen? Anyway hope it all works out for you soon! Praying the art showing does well too!

Chris Lally said...

Pattie, I think you're having too much fun over there! Well, the exception might be the suspense in waiting for the installation of the door.
Wishing you the best of luck with the show and the door : }

Serena Lewis said...

I LOVE your animal art, Pattie!

I hope the snow storm holds off until after the door is fitted on your RV building.

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Victoria, Chris and Serena. Vic - our house roof must have been partially replaced over the years, as it is a couple of different hues of the same color. I saw many samples from different companies, all trying to make the same color, but they weren't exact and as an artist you can see that. Chris and Serena - yes the door is here and installed and massive, as you can imagine..but with a heavy duty auto door opener. This new building is strong like a HULK, it has to be with the winds we get. Clocking 60 mph the other night. Oy! Paint on girls!!