Sunday, May 27, 2007

Best Laid Plans

Well, it's been one of those days. About the only really important thing is in this photo! It's been a "meal worm" kinda day!
We did get into town and tipped a few with the "locals". It's HS reunion weekend and MEM Day is bigger here than in the big city. The little town was a "buzzin'". It's always a bit of fun to go there. I fully intended to get out to the studio, but what did I do when I got home, instead??? I mowed. Well, we have 8 acres that we keep lookin' like a park. So it takes a lot of mowin (and gas). Never thought it would be so easy to spend my days picking up fallen limbs and spraying thistle. Repeat after me..."gas prices are absolutely absurd"!! Anyway, I sprayed the bug repel, watered the corn, pumpkins (yes, they are peeking their little heads out already) and sunflowers and mowed my brains out. Hub is STILL out there. You could say we are fanatics. But then again, I know some people,dot dot dot, I do that cause Feedburner doesn't like the real dots.

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