Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Time Flies

Peepers is ready to fly!!
He has spent today in a larger dog crate, flying from side to side, top to bottom. Flapping and exercising his wings. He wants to get out in the biggest way. I have to watch him, he tries to squeeze through the grates on the door, so I stuffed the larger places with paper towel. There is just one big reason we can't release him today. I NEED TO SEE him pick up food on his own and eat it. (An online article told us this should happen before releasing a bird). He "pecks" at the worms, but doesn't know how to tip back and let them slide down his gullet. We don't know how to teach him that either. I am certain he can fly on his own. So, we spend a lot of time observing and waiting. I may have meal worms all over the place by the time we are done. Oh well, they can take their place with the crickets that are there. Peepers is closer today than yesterday - to eating from the ground. He wasn't this close yesterday. WE will probably withhold food for a little bit, so he is GOOD and hungry and ready to do the deed in the morning! God bless this bird. Look how much he has grown since May 20th blog, just 10 days ago. We have learned so much about birds in this experience. Next time we see a tiny baby on the ground, we will either know what to do, or know to walk away.

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skandi said...

Have you tried suspending some of the worms or food from the top of the cage? This might encourage him to tilt his head back to get the food and make him automatically swallow with his head tilted back?