Thursday, May 31, 2007

Well, Helloo Dorothy!

It's interesting, on the day we let the bird fly free, a tornado touches down within a half to a quarter of a mile from here. Hub brought us a new weather scanner from his trip to D and as I am listening to it, there are warnings of golf ball sized hail, 60 mph winds, flash flooding, and tornado within the 2 counties, here and the next county,to the south. We watched the clouds for a little bit and thought we had better get all of what we were working on inside and watch from there. We saw funnels and VERY fast moving cloud masses. And behold the skies let loose with the worse weather, our neighbors say it's the worse they have experienced and they lost all the windows on the front of their house and their siding and roof are totalled. We lost three windows on the same side. Look for more photos above, chiminea is toast, our trees leaves are gone, ALL the planting I have done is totalled, basically everything I have worked on in the last month is a waste. I watched chairs, garbage cans, tree limbs, screens, fly by the front door. It was storming into my bathroom, broken glass everywhere. The dogs and I were attempting to "huddle" at one point in the middle of the house. It was a torrent of hail (yes, golf ball sized, slamming the windows) and rain and wind for about 25 minutes. The T touched down in the southeast field from here. Actually hit a house east of here, we heard, don't know. The water has flooded the pond, and the water has gone over it's banks in the creek. See the photo at the bottom, can you see any pumpkin plants? That's because they were anihilated (sp)!

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