Sunday, May 20, 2007


Yes, he's growing and maturing. We have had to move him into a small dog crate. He keeps getting out of his bowl/nest...getting ready to fly soon, so in the dog crate he can hop about and get his legs strong.

Today was a day of planting. We planted corn and pumpkins in the south forty, (not that big, but it seems very large). Nine rows of sweet corn and three mounds of pumpkins. Also, here's a photo of the zucchini and pepper garden. It was started about a week ago. Sprouts are happening! Tomatoes plants have been planted in the barrels by the house. We also put together a new dog run out behind the studio building. Dogs are needing a place to be when we have to leave from time to time, the crates don't work for BIG dog anymore, he got out the last time. Time for being "city" dogs is about to run out. I even found a BIG FAT GRUB, while we were adjusting the fencing by digging a little around the bottoms of the kennel fencing, put that little guy in a bowl of dirt, until tomorrow when I can grind him up for bird food. Photos of planting above!

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