Friday, August 8, 2008

A Painting for Today

"Chaco" - 12" x 12" oil on stretched canvas
I have finished the painting of my red dachshund, Chaco, today. I see a few spots I could rework, but I am going to move on now. I ended up really liking this one - after all. Some days (like everything you do) you do it well and some days you don't. Did I learn something on this one? You bet! There was amazing intense sunlight shining on him. I think I succeeded in showing that. Check my blog for Aug. 1 and then again on the 5th to see the progress.


Anonymous said...

Pattie, I've been out of touch with my fav blogs for about a month. When I visited yours today and saw the painting of Chaco I just said "WOW!" You really do capture the colors drenched in sunlight. Very nice work. I really enjoyed seeing your photos of the work in progress, too.

Pattie said...

Thanks Kay! For awhile, I didn't have much hope for pulling it out of the tailspin it was in. Hope you have had a great summer! I know school is starting up soon.