Friday, August 1, 2008

Yeah, That's Done!

Opened this email this
morning from my daughter who lives far away
in Brooklyn,and sent this out to everyone
she knows. She lives on 6th Ave.
They live on the third floor....

"Before I start I want everyone to know that not a single
person was hurt. At about 9pm this evening I was playing
with Scarlett on our bedroom floor and
I hear a loud boom and the house shake,
also the air conditioner stopped squeaking???
I'm thinking to myself that was not a large
truck going by that was an explosion or
something. I look out the window and see a
guy running toward our stoop!
I go to get a better view out of our center
window and look down to see a
CAR that has crashed into our HOUSE!
Basically the girl who was driving
swerved to miss an oncoming car and ran
into our stoop. She actually
missed the house by about an inch. A kid
passing by after the car had been
removed and our mangled stoop fence was
sitting on the ground, kicked the fence
and said "Yeah, that's done!" "

This is not art related, but just had to blog about it. When your kids are far away, you tend to worry - just a little. Supposed to be in the 100's today, oh boy! Check out my sketch blog.