Sunday, November 2, 2008

U. S. Capitol - DSFDF Challenge

"U.S. Capitol" - watermedia on matboard - 8" x 10"
This one literally threw me for a loop. I used watercolor pencil. I had lots of ideas for what to put in the skyspace, 'W' waving goodbye? (I couldn't do his face, no matter how much I tried today, I guess cause I am not a fan of his, and besides, to me, it would have been a little too cheesy looking!), put a little of "we the people"in the sky? (not enough room), a face of one of the candidates - or both? (had to be cloudlike, nah...) so I just finished it this way.
Looks like DC on fire! No pun intended.
You can see a little of my failed ideas underneath the sky...ha.
That's as good as it gets some days.
That is why I try to paint EVERY day, to take the good with the crappy! I DO like the way the architecture/structure came out. It's good to do these challenges. I would never do a painting of this subject on my own, so it takes me way out of my 'zone'!
See the resource photo here.
Don't forget to VOTE!!!!


Barbara Pask said...

Very nice Pattie, love the colors in this. Really like you last painting of the boats, it's great that you posted the wips photos too.

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Barb! WIPS is something I wish I had a videocam for.