Sunday, November 9, 2008

Where I Stand Sunday and the Pulse of the Area

It's milo harvest time. Everyone is scrambling in this area of the US to get the harvesting done before the snow or ice come, which is predicted within the next few days. I am not a "farmwife", I have lived 'the big city life' for the most part, but sometimes I get to act like one. Today I was needed to drive some of the equipment up to where the next milo was being cut, as hubster "helps" with that as a part time job. Here I am standing over the milo. They don't think they will get this field done today, before the weather comes in tomorrow. There is a truck "line" at the elevator, where they are dumping it on the ground, cause the elevators are already full. So, as soon as the grain truck arrives at the elevator, he has to wait in line for awhile, slows everything down.
These are some of the abandoned farmsteads that I saw on my way up to the fields, about 15 miles away.

I knew we would be going close to an area of national interest and controversy, the site of the Global Country of World Peace campus.
This is the only building completed on the outside. Next to it and in the next picture are skeletons of other buildings. You can read more about it below.
I do not subscribe to any of the statements or beliefs made by the citizens of the area I live in with respect to this operation. It is just damned interesting to view it as an 'observer of human nature'!! You can form your own opinions. As an outsider...I'll keep mine to myself. (Perhaps that says it.)
Click on the above to read about the current situation with respect to the Global Country of World Peace palaces in my photos.

For art sake, check this out by Nov. 11 as there is a "Treasury" created by another artist on Etsy that you should see. It features art that compliments one another. My "Old Elm" is featured there. I like the look Donna created! See it here,


Leann said...

It is astounding the anger this has caused. In these times it seems it would be better to worry about the economic repercussions of the project, and not worry so much about people's souls. I love the treasury, your oak tree is beautiful.

Mark Bridges said...

Hi Pattie. If you paint the silos, I'll post mine. I like your turkey hugging avitar. And you should paint those lone buildings.

Pattie Wall said...

Leann, that's why I don't go there...anger isn't something I am doing well these days. Around here, the view is a somewhere down the sidestreet, I think.
Mark, when I get this presentation done tomorrow night, I will go on with a kitty I am doing and then maybe the elevator. I took so many photos of it yesterday, I had to keep waiting for the sun to shine on it. Today, I think the sun quit for awhile.