Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I was supposed to work at the gallery today for someone else, but they called me to cancel a few days ago after the weather was predicted to be a big storm. I have to drive so far, they thought it shouldn't be. Nice people.
I planned a Friday night special dinner - since I thought I wasn't going to be home tonight at dinner time. We went ahead and had our special dinner last night as planned. Seafood thawed in the fridge, needs to be eaten within 'it's time window', don't you agree?

New WIP started yesterday...

I am fascinated with the sunshine and clouds and landscapes and trees right have lots more to do, but the canvas is covered with the initial idea - so far. I have also started a new prairie scene with lots of trees...stay tuned.

Hope you have a good day with your special Valentine, whoever that may be!

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Mark Bridges said...

like a kid on his back looking up.
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