Thursday, February 19, 2009

They say stress can be good for you?

Thought I would get more response to my poll. I don't think 13 vs. 0 is very good sampling, but what I was trying to show was contrary to what I had read on another blog.
The results were gathered to show to me and YOU what I read on that other blog wasn't necessarily so. I won't mention names, but a very talented and "with it" artist claims that they are starting an 'ART only' blog, because they feel people don't want to read about their daily lives or anything about their thoughts on things other than art (almost their exact words). I found that a little hard to swallow. Believe me, I would continue to write anyway...including my art when I have some. The reason I started this blog was to stay in touch with those I left in my life in Colorado and so my family can read what I am up to. But to my knowledge, people who buy art certainly want to know something about the artist. What better way than to read their thoughts, about how they live, how they do their art, what makes them tick and what they like and don't like. So I am glad for the results I received. It proves a point to me, and maybe to you.
Visitors from Colorado will be here the next few days, so I will be entertaining. Check back later.


Mark Bridges said...

I read for tid bits that go with the art. Like when some one says " The way he explained, now I get it" I look for those type of comments, or how to vs how not to. I like to see photos and the stories that go with them also. If a turkey is chasing a wiener dog around the yard, I want photos, video gps data. The only blog that i read that doesn't show art, but talks about the aspects of the world of art is Clint watson

Karen Hargett said...

I voted. I'm glad you are keeping your blog as is. I think websites are more formal that blogs - blogs serve a purpose and I think generally people enjoy the more casual atmosphere. Great art and good conversations ;-)

Leann said...

Man, I don't even look at it from the reader's perspective. Everytime I try to make art to please someone else it goes south, and I believe the same for my blog. I'm sure there are people out there who just want to see the art, but clicking on your blog to check for something new takes no time, and no one is forced to read your blog. If your blog doesn't entertain you, it won't entertain anyone else. I'm sure most artists want to read the backstory on a piece. I know I do. I LOVE when you show your paintings at different stages, that process is fascinating to me. And most of all, as an artist you know, trust your heart.

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks for your insights Karen, Leann and Mark. I write for an audience...always have...I guess it's the 'teacher' in me. Guess that's why I love public speaking, too. Got something to say to y'all. LOL.
Websites are for ART and blogs are for blogging..and that wiener dog chasing a turkey around the yard - oh ya - that would be a vid for sure!

Anonymous said...

Pattie, I'm glad you're going to keep on doing what you're doing.

Another analogy - the Olympics. If people watched just to see the athletes perform, then why bother to have all those human interest stories? I think understanding the person helps us understand and appreciate the art all the more.

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Kay, and thanks for stopping by often. I like your analogy with the Olympics.