Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rounding the Corner to Rainbow Bridge

"Rainbow Bridge - Lake Powell"

13" x 15" pastel on Canson paper
For Sale at my Etsy shop.
Rainbow Bridge is in the National Park of Glen Canyon..Lake Powell. Some years I saw
it with land around it where you could actually hike up near it. Other years, you had get off the houseboat
and manuever a speed boat in close to it, as the water level was higher..
and you couldn't really step out.
Some years the level was up and some years way down.
If you have been to Lake Powell in the last few years, let me know what the water level is like now.
I looked at the NPS site and saw that there is now a dock and walkway to see it.
This art piece is done from my photo (taken in the 1980's) as you
round the bend in the channel that approaches the monument - discovered in 1909. I remember the first time I saw it which must have been when this photo was taken, you can't really see it until you go around this corner...and I kept anticipating it and when I finally saw it,
it was so ominous and breathtaking, I almost fell out of the boat!
The area around Lake Powell has a lot more arches in the rock formations that are caused by
the wind and erosion...this one happens to be a perfect and quite miraculous natural bridge!
If you go to Lake Powell, you have to see this at least once!

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Barbara Pask said...

Very nice painting Patty, love all the colors. You have to paint that little train station in your photo. What a sweet little building.