Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Midway Co-op Grain Elevator at Bellaire, Kansas

This was the progress of three days worth of work, thought I would put it all in one post, so there would be no need to flip back and forth between days. I thought about making the sky a little bluer in contrast to the gray of the buildings. I want the painting to dry a little before I put the lettering on the top part of the 6 siloed structure. The more I live here, the more I learn about and appreciate the use of these monoliths of the flatlands. For me, this one is way more detail than I usually get in to.
Tried the lettering today and discovered I needed to maybe do it right away, before I had been painting all day already...I might do a better job. I want to obscure the words a little, so it could be any Midway Co-op grain facility, but that will take more work and planning, than I did on today's try. I am on to another landscape - the toning and the rough sketch, so far. It's the grain bin on my property. I don't think it has ever been used. It just sits there and I refuse to get rid of it, cause I like to look at it. It has character and it's right out the north studio window. It'll be a snowscene. Sorry, for those of you who are a little tired of that stuff....

I am in paintaholic's heaven today, 7 hours at the easel!!

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r garriott said...

We have one of these buildings in my city and it always fascinates me. I like how you've painted it it, and the perpective of being below the twoering sylinders.