Saturday, April 25, 2009

Number One in a Series


“Zebra Ride”

8” x 8” pastel on Canson paper

I have done the first one of a series of perhaps 3 or 4 carousel animals. For me, the challenge in this series will be making them look like they go together – I plan to mat them in one frame. Now that I look at it, it needs a little work on profile edges and looks like I missed a spot on the mane. In a fog??

Yesterday I left for my trip to Nebraska at 7:00 AM and encountered the neatest looking fog close by my house. Where ever there was a low spot, there was this immensely dense fog, so I stopped on a hill and tried to capture it…the sun may be too bright to appreciate it so put your sunglasses on. If you enlarge this one and look real close, you can see the elevators of my little town under the sun. That's how far I live from "town".


Oh ya, one more thing. I have these wonderful Richeson suitcases for my pastels. Once you spread the trays all out, you need twice the space of my drafting table surface. I decided to sort them out into three "banker's box" lids by value today and had a much easier time using them. I put some of that rubber shelf paper in each one, so no rolling pastels. I had been thinking of getting some Heilman boxes, but they are sooo darn expensive. The lids work just fine!!



Leann said...

You do live in the middle of nowhere! That sunset/fog photo is beautiful.

lynette said...

The photo of the pastels is so beautiful itself! Colors of creativity. I can picture you selecting just the right stick - the right color, the right texture, the right shape. Thanks for sharing.

Pattie Wall said...

Yes, Leann - I put it into perspective for you. It looks like you are looking to the far city of OZ, eh? I can see the wicked witch now...
Lynette - just that sorting has helped make the task sooo much easier...I am on to working a little faster without the floundering amongst the pastels.