Sunday, July 5, 2009

Where I Stand Sunday

Home - where I can feed the dogs,
watch the cattle,
find shapes in the clouds,
sit and breathe the fresh air.
(My toes are pulled in, cause they get stepped on at this point.)
Mowed 8 acres of grass yesterday. The place is back to lookin like a golf course.
Squashed the "squash bugs" - they are a potential threat to the garden - it's a daily task.
Hubster and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary yesterday.
Goin' back for a quick visit to KC, and then home for awhile
as mom is doing so much better.
Clouds aren't usually this interesting here - but yesterday they sure were.

Maybe you have an idea of how loudly my easel calls to me right now..."it" will be soon!!!

1 comment:

Leann said...

Welcome home, and happy anniversary! Can't wait to see what you paint!