Sunday, August 15, 2010

From the Road

Checkin' it out at the gas pumps at Bob's...
"Co-pilot to pilot - did you see that?"

"Is this the way we wanted to go? Did I take the right turn?"
Scenes from our far...

Highway 10 between La Junta and the skies!

Free coats and clothes - wait a minute...oh darn, they're closed.

Tricky shooting from a moving motorhome. I think this is called "Buck Mountain" off of Highway 160 between Walsenburg and Fort Garland. 

This is a shot, raising the lens up over the screen in the side window and taking a "Guatemala" shot - that's what I call it shooting blind, as I did in the markets in Guatemala - in other words without using the viewer through the lens.   A little shakey, but not bad.

We looked at land on top of the mesas (we are always looking at a place to be 'hermits'), near the Rio Grande River/San Luis valley.

Note to self...antelope do not hang around for the papparazzi.  If you look real close at the dead center of the photo, you will see their little bodies, hustling across the sagebrush.

There were "open range" horses - I assumed they were wild..
We got awfully close.
Ooops...seems to be a little mix-up in the gene pool...

Wait!  Who is that behind that tail swish?  Oh - wow - the star of the show!!

Always well protected within the circle of adults...

"Hey you guys, they just might have some kind of treats for us!"
That's what makes me wonder...tame on the open range?  or wild??  Couldn't see any branding marks...and this place is called "Wild Horse Mesa" - we think - anyway we were looking for that place.  Maybe we had found it.   There isn't a lot of signage in these parts.

Shrine of the Stations of the Cross above San Luis, Colorado - gold spikes on the tops of those domes and towers.
Back to civilization...ominous looking clouds over the Sangre de Cristos near San Luis.  That's all for today...


Leann said...

"That's all for today?" That's a ton! What a great trip, you'll have lots to paint when you get home!

Pattie Wall said...

Took a TON of horse photos - they were posing and was like I was in a dream - never imagined I would get so many possibilities in just one day!

Angela Elledge said...

This looks like so much fun. I've just returned to school and would eat up a road trip right about now instead of the daily meetings I find myself in. I do hope you will paint some of these horses, the shots are beautiful. I would love permission to possibly paint from one of your dog pictures, could you e-mail ( me and let me know if I have permission. Thanks so much, enjoy your trip!!