Saturday, August 14, 2010

Where I Stand Saturday...

Believe it or not...the rock came yesterday.  Woohoo!  Nothing makes me happier today!  We have been waiting and waiting - I think I told you - for YEARS. 

Anyway, here it two piles - 25 tons!  The first driveway rock we bought was gravel and it really doesn't work well for a driveway.  We will also spread some of this inside where the RV lives in the winter and during bad storms.  So instead of walking in mud, we can have fairly clean shoes to go inside it.   It takes a lot to tame the wildness of this place...we work on it constantly.  Crossing my fingers as there is supposed to be another delivery in a couple of weeks...we shall see.
(For those of you who saw this as "Rockin' and Rollin'" - I thought I would make it into a 'Where I Stand' -instead...)

1 comment:

Earthula said...

25 tons of nature taming!!
it should look amazing, not to mention the fantastic exercise one gets in moving it.