Friday, August 13, 2010

Shooting Clouds

This morning - up again - early - hey, this could become a great new beginning - tsk tsk. 

We had rain (actual downpour) yesterday afternoon and thunder and lightning over night...cooled things off just a little, and brought out my favorite friends (not) - the mosquitoes - they will carry a person away.  Clouds turn so quickly some times.  Took the one above, did a 180 - took the next one..

turned back around to look at those cool popcorn clouds and saw they had changed, but had a rainbow sticking out of the bottom.   Reminds me of the blog called Clouds 365 - Community.

Speaking of popcorn, it's almost time!  Garden went to shambles this summer...too many weeds took over while I was away and when I say weeds, I mean the only thing to get them is gloves (to handle the stickers) and a lot of sweaty work which doesn't lend itself well on these hot and mosquito ridden days...oh well, there are still cool gourds, zinnias, sunflowers and I think the popcorn will make it.

Ooo, I hear more thunder.  BTW - rock was not delivered as try to buy locally and it backfires almost every time.  Supposed to arrive this morning.  That will be a true miracle if they show up.


Earthula said...

ooooo. I see why you needed the gloves.

Please post photos of popcorn when ready.

Mosquitoes are abundant here too. Lots of rain = lots of mosquitoes.

The rainbow pic is sensational.

Pattie Wall said...

Rain, moisture, humidity and mosquitoes...ugh! There were tons of grasshoppers when I left. They were bad last year, too. Hope there is something left when I get back.
Will show you what it turned out to look like when we harvest it.