Thursday, August 12, 2010

Top of the Mornin' to Ya

Are you an early riser?  I am not - but this morning I needed to up and at em...before the heat sets in.  These 100 and more degrees days, are tiring and my hair usuallly never gets dry after a shower.  But there is more that can be done before it gets so blazin' hot and my hair is DRY. 

I loved the way the sunrise shone right through the trees near the road.  Very pastoral - or pastural...whichever you want to call it. 

Rock being delivered this morning - to replenish the driveway that hasn't had rock on it for about 3 and a half years.  We have tried to get this rock for 2 years...ha!  Around here, they just don't take you too seriously when you call and order some we have found.  So, today is the big day!  Yay! 

Heading to the west again, soon...cameras are ready after I spend some time getting the cards cleaned off, batteries recharged and equipment together.  Will be gathering source photos for the winter studio time from Yellowstone, Arches, Navajo Res.,
New Mexico, and lots of lakes and mountains and hopefully lots of wildlife! 

Maybe when we get back, it will have cooled off a bit. I am crossing my fingers - this has been one hot and humid summer in Kansas.
P.S. Oregon Coast is out, as we didn't make a plan enough in advance, our favorite places were crowded with other peeps who love them.

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Leann said...

Love the photo. It's been hot here, but nothin' like you got. I'm amazed anyone gets anything done. The trip sounds wonderful, have a great time!