Monday, October 18, 2010

Patterns of Weather and the Seasons

Around here, one knows and enjoys the signs that the season is changing. It screams it.  Migratory birds begin their overhead trek, squirrels gather and bury walnuts in the yard, harvest is happening in the fields, the turfgrass millipedes and spiders are scurrying here and there - inside and out.  Cool days, then warm days, then cool again.  No hard frost yet.  Usually that happens here between the 1st and 3rd week in October.  So bring it on. 

...and this fellow comes back to tap on the window.

I have been hearing his little 'cheep cheep' in the tree outside for a few days - and now we hear the 'tap tap' on the window.  Check out my blog entry last year..I think there is a pattern here.
Perhaps he should have a name, since he returns each year? 

Getting ready for an art show at the Salina Country Club in Salina, Kansas for the month of November with three other artists. Try to get by to see it - if you are in the area.  Nov. 1st - the end of the month.


Lorrie Drennan said...

You could name him "Capistrano"...just a thought.

Pattie Wall said...

Good one Lorrie! Thanks!