Sunday, October 24, 2010

Where I Stand Sunday

I miss seeing the changing of colors on the aspen trees in the high country of Colorado...but if you look closely here in Kansas, there are lots of variations of fall colors to get excited about.
Looking out the co-op the light that the sunset creates on the tops of the trees and the shadows it creates from there.

Yesterday, we drove far away to look at some farm equipment.  I never thought I would spend time doing that activity, but it gave us the opportunity to try out a Mexican food restaurant in another town.  It was quite nice. 70 miles, one way...we plan to visit it again soon.  For this girl, to be away from decent Mexican cuisine, is just a travesty. 
One more, the sunsets from the co-op door are amazing these days.
Oh ya, here are a few close-ups of those trucks..

Old, well-used and too pricey and too expensive to 'make right'...was the verdict.

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Mark Bridges said...

i like the photos, and the red landscape has a Wyeth feel.