Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Pastel Portrait - Finished

"The Red Toybox"
11" x 14"
pastel on aubergine Art Spectrum sanded paper
This one was so much fun!  Long ago, I used to do long 6" x 12" of children's names surrounded by the then popular 'Care Bears'. Doing these stuffed animals reminded me of that time, although these are not 'care bears' - there may be one in the mix somewhere.  My daughter kept most of her stuffed animals from HER childhood in the attic - to give to her children at later time.  Notice the MS. PacMan pillow - oh my!  I denoted a little "PP"  tag showing down deep in there, I know that was a 'Pound Puppy'.  This toybox sits under the open stairway at the home Scarlett now is  often cordoned off with a blanket - to make it a fort or a house or anything you can imagine.  What fun! 


Barbara Pask said...

Just wonderful Pattie, love all the elements of this one. I bet it was great fun to paint. I hope you are feeling better after the sting.

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks so much for your kind words and for stopping by Barb! It WAS great fun, sorry it is done. Do you ever feel that way? On to more, though. My sting is somewhat better - my husband has a new name for me "Puffy Pattie" - ugh! Gotta laugh thru it all!

maria said...

what a beautiful delightful colourful pastel

Gwen Bell said...

This turned out beautifully, Pattie! So adorable and such a delightful composition. Love the point of view...feels like you've just surprised her in the middle of play.