Sunday, June 5, 2011

Where I Stand Sunday

Last week, we experienced several t-storms that brought wind and hail and lots of rain.  Most of this week, my time has been spent helping to get things back in order.  We have had thrice flooding on our land as the swollen creek which usually has a trickle in it has been unable to keep up with the downpours that slammed us. Our 'water well' power supplies were compromised and in need of replacing...we have had major 'slash'
and dirt/roadbase moving general, it has been a pain in the A#@!
One of the storms produced powerful straightline winds.  I had a beautiful, big Mexican deco terracotta pot full of my annuals decorating at the front gate. 
It was sitting atop these three cinder blocks, which got toppled as well.
Flowers are beneath the dirt...poor things.
The picnic table flew through the air, knocking all the pots (about 4 biggies) helter skelter and broke most of them.  My first 'Where I Stand' photo shows what I had to use to save the flowers that were in those pots...which were by the way - as many of you gardeners know - were near and dear to my heart, been with me for years - always were the vessels for my spring flowers.  Low gutteral "grrr" here...

This activity produced another 'just because' period in the studio this week...but more than a 'just because' - more like a 'has to be'. I will miss my beautiful Mexican deco pot and most likely I could never find a replacement for it in this part of the country.   I needed a suitable replacement or replacements! I have had several terracotta pots sitting on a shelf in the studio - half started with a design. I became so inspired, I got them down and continued painting on them. I wasn't sure where the designs were going, which was the fun part, not really a plan, more like a sketch or doodle as I went with the paintbrush. I used a book for my inspiration called "Mexicolor" and some acrylic paints.
It is full of Mexican folk art and realia from Mexican markets. 
I stuck to a general color theme,
but used the book for some inspirational ideas on the design.

To finish them I will use a terracotta sealer (if it has weathered time) - hopefully it will help to protect this one from fading with the intense sun and humidity...and be light enough that from now on, when I can help it, all flower pots will be moved to some kind of shelter from the torrential westwinds.
Where I Stand Sunday is an ongoing photo essay examining the different places I spend my life standing.
Too often we take for granted the everyday places we spend our lives walking on.
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Leann said...

I am sorry it's been such horrid weather. Your new pots look wonderful, though, you should be very proud!

Pattie Wall said...

Now the darned terracotta sealer is bad - clumped together and unfixable, oh well, will be in KC soon.