Friday, June 10, 2011

A Pastel Portrait of Scarlett Day 1

Scarlett is my grandaughter who lives Fort Collins, Colorado with her mom (my daughter) and dad.  I have this great photo of her, which shows her sweet character and playfulness which reminds me of when my daughter was that age.  What child doesn't love crawling in their toybox and playing with their toys? 
I am working from the photo below..
I took artistic license to move the animals around a little and make a few changes to make certain all the pieces read right for this pastel piece.  I am working on Art Spectrum sanded pastel surface in Aubergine color - LOVE IT!!!  I bought three pieces in KC and I am treating it like GOLD!
Please check back for the progress on this one from the heart - we think Scarlett is the smartest, sweetest and the cutest little button around!


Leann said...

Wonderful! I love the way you capture the colors in her hair.

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Leann! For this one, had to get that face pretty well set, before I moved on. I think I did, although I don't have her looking up at the same slant as the photo, but again, artistic license wins!