Wednesday, May 23, 2012

An Oil Painting of Cattle

"Pletcher's Cows"
8" x 8"
oil on Ampersand canvas panel
(Just off the easel, so still has that wet look.)
Began this one with my favorite tone on the canvas..a reddish/orange earthy oxide.
Ahhh..will post again when the paint dries a little.
Part of the "Backroads of North Central Kansas" series. Other paintings can be seen HERE on my fine art website.
Really hot today - and awfully dry.  Come on rain.


Claire Beadon Carnell said...

I like using transparent red oxide to tone my canvases too. Your color in these cows is amazing - love the touches of aqua. Wish I could send you some of our rain - it is like a tropical jungle here...

Pattie Wall said...

Wish you could send some rain too - we got two drops last night, I heard them hit the window awnings. Supposed to be raining this morning, but it is just too dry to rain, I think. Thanks for stopping by Claire.