Monday, May 21, 2012

An Oil Painting of an Old Farm Silo

"Red Brick Silo"
6" x 12"
oil painting on wrapped canvas

I have started a new project.  I am going to call it
"The Backroads of North Central Kansas"
I have added a link on the sidebar as well as one you can click on HERE - to view additional works of art that were specifically painted from North Central Kansas.

Since moving here - I have wrestled with calling it 'HOME'.  Before that, I lived in Colorado most of my life.  (The older you get, the harder it is to relocate.) 
Every time I travel through the state of Kansas, I go different ways so I can see
other sights to attempt to appreciate the beauty that could be found here.
Everyone says - "Kansas?  That flat place?" 

Of course - the main route through the state is I-70.  And until you get to the Flint Hills area of that stretch of road, there isn't much to see -
but flat cropland and livestock
(sorry if I have offended any 'natives').

I decided to narrow my sightings to the area where I live, especially while I am still rehabbing my ankle.  In just my county and the adjacent counties, there are lots of backroads full of history and interesting things to see, photograph and paint 'on site', when the wind cooperates.  So, that is what I have decided to focus on for the next month or so, maybe more, depending on how it goes. I have several paintings that I can add to the group.
Stay tuned for reminders of them.  See first paragraph - above.

I found this old red brick silo on Y Road around 250 Road in Smith County.
The scene of this painting is painted around the edges of the canvas -  
therefore - no frame is needed.

It feels so good to be back to painting in oils.
I love the smell of oil paint and Gamsol (the brush cleaner). 

Thanks for stopping by - be sure to check for the next "Backroads" painting.

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