Sunday, May 27, 2012

Where I Stand Sunday and WIP

A lot of times when people have accidents ~ they return to the scene where it happened.  Many people who fall off horses - get back on.  
This is the spot where 107 days ago, I knew my life had changed for awhile.  I wish I had a picture to show you. It all happened so fast.  Slipping on an icy surface where the outdoor mat that was frozen to the surface - broke loose, my ankle contorted the way of those football leg injury video clips, dangling from the end of my left leg bones ~ it was a freakish sight. I was in terrible pain and shock. 

I pass this scene just about EVERY day.  It's right outside the back door. I used to get butterflies in my stomach when I walked over this backstep.  I am much better now and just glad that I can maneuver this area ON MY OWN.  The new ankle brace is so lightweight, but still keeps my ankle stable from inadvertently 'inverting' it.  I can invert it when I want, but the muscles are still rehabbing and not ready to do it free will.  I still gimp sometimes...I will use 1 crutch or a cane when it all gets fatigued.  Physical therapy (and surgery, AND my husband) have saved my life. There are some of the best PT's out there in the town nearby.

So - I am happy!!  I am looking forward to each day being able to 'look and feel' a little better when I walk.  'Heel to toe' it goes.  It still swells quite a bit, but that will probably go on for the next 260 some days.  By this time next year, I intend for this to be all a blur. 

Yesterday, I got back to a piece I started around Thanksgiving.  It is being done from a photo my daughter took of my grandaughter (far right) and her friends standing in the bright sun - trying to catch grasshoppers. I love their little intent on finding one, pointing at them - or holding one in their closed hands to add to the 'hopper jar'. 
I have some tweaking to do. This one is being done in pastel and is large.  Don't know if I will return to it today or just set it at the top of my table and look at it for awhile before I jump back into it.

Here is where I started from ~ yesterday..

And this is how it started Day ONE..
I always have to get some of the 'lights' in ~ on one like this.  It keeps me going.

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Claire Beadon Carnell said...

It's just so nice to see you standing with very little assistance, Pattie. You certainly have been through a lot in the past 170 days, but you have faced it with courage and humor.
This is a fantastic painting - full of light and joy. I also like seeing your process...have been thinking of playing with some pastels, so I really enjoy seeing how an accomplished artist starts the work.

Pattie Wall said...

You should play with them, and I mean 'play' with them, that's what it takes. I vascilate between tight and loose, hard edge and soft edge with them. You already have color and value and shape - it's so much like oils. If it weren't for the dust, I would do it all the time. With asthma, I have trouble from time to time, but I have learned not to get too close and not to blow on it. Lean your surface a little more on the will dust off down into your tin foil trough. Surfaces are endless, I love mixing the colors - lots of underpainting. Thanks for stopping in - Claire you are one of my best supporters on this ankle thing - I appreciate it!