Sunday, May 6, 2012

Where I Stand Sunday

Taken with my iPad - sitting in our RV.  Testing 'systems' to see if they are ready to make the maiden voyage of 2012.  Spent a few nights in the RV on the garage pad to check out the best sleeping arrangement for my 'still giant needs' when I sleep..extra pillows, a wedge for my back, motoring around in a small space with crutches,  getting up and down the steep stairs (I feel like I take along as much stuff as one does for a 'toddler'.)  For sleeping, I tried out the 'pull down couch/bed' - didn't get to sleep until 3:50 AM two nights ago, the recliner (gave that up after about an hour) and settled on the bed last night (restless sleep - I have not been able to sleep on anything but my back this whole time - due to my right shoulder dysfunction.)  If you don't know what I am talking about click HERE to read more.

"It's not easy being 'Pattie' these days" my DH tells me.  He says that as I now have three spider bites - got them over night and swelling up and itching at those sites.  Don't think they were brown recluse...I know what kind of spider they were, I see them often.  Let's not talk about the number of insects showing up this year..miller moths, the ticks are thick, ants, and spiders..gnats that like to fly up your nose when they swarm around your head.  This stuff doesn't usually happen this early and in this kind of populations. Heard from lots of people about the miller moths.

Staying 'in state' this trip.  Looking forward to going out of state soon!  I am going to 'plein air paint' from the huge front window (oops, more equipment - snicker), or maybe get out on the grounds with a wheelchair (oh no, not the cumbersome wheelchair?) to take 'sitting' rests in.  Taking a few steps on my own without crutches, but they don't want them to be 'gimpy' - so have to use crutches most of the time for now. 
More and more periods of time where there isn't a
'locking up' feeling or discomfort (or should I just say "pain")/swelling. 
These periods of feeling like I can do this,  
will begin to occur more often eventually - looking forward to that time. 
Physical Therapy peeps say I am doing GOOD! 
My favorite activity which I get to do twice this next week is the Therapy POOL.

Feb. 8th ~ to now ~ is a long time - there are more roads to go down -
'patience' the doctor said.  That is my middle name.


Carolyn Dube said...

Glad things are going well for you with physical therapy and that you are excited to go there. I do not look forward to my physical therapy but that is because the are working on my feet and it tickles me so badly- I end up laughing and laughing and laughing until it hurts. They actually take me to a private room instead of the large group area because I laugh too much and distract others...

Pattie Wall said...

That's funny Carolyn. I'll have to come by to see what you are having PT for?
This doesn't tickle me and I wish it did. The tissue massage feels good - the popping and cracking does too...but the exercising and the walking with more weight doesn't. It will eventually - if I keep this attitude. I got a little bit of a talking to this trip I have to make some mental adjustments - no more 'candy caning' it over...time to get tough.
Thanks for stopping by.