Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Still Life with Yellow Roses

"Valentine Roses"
16" x 20"
oil on wrapped canvas

Painted around the edges - no need to frame.


I decided to share the process on this one...
as I captured it at different intervals.
Scroll down and start at the bottom.
Fourth, I have realigned the placement of the objects
so that there is harmony in the space on the canvas, 
the pitcher is needing some help with it's shape
...the framed picture on the wall
has this great ornate detail that 
I wanted to just 'suggest'.
The roses were taller 'stemmed'
in the source photo I used (thanks T!)
but the way I set the placement and size of 
it all, I had to trim them down.
The source photo shows the great light coming from above.

I have been 'sitting' at the easel and realize I need to stand up
as this is a more involved - larger canvas
than I have been doing since the ravens.
Maybe my 'lines' would be more perpendicular.
I'm trying not to squash a nearby kitten
as I back up - that is what I am really doing..ha!

Third, I decided to get the roses in, as I was filling up the area pretty heavy with paint.

Second, I worked some on the shadows on the light colored surfaces...
I attempted to get some warmer color going.

First, I sketched with pencil, then I started with 
identifying the darkest dark areas with a mixture of ultramarine blue, 
cad yellow medium and a touch of alizarin crimson.
 These process photos are taken quickly with my iPhone.

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