Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Time for Bigger Paintings ~ Life After 30 in 30

I thought that when the 30 in 30 was over, 
(loved every minute of the 30 in 30, but itching soooo much
to do some work that took extra time, planning and blood, sweat and tears)
I would get going on our taxes for 2013 - looks like something much bigger got in the way - 

Sitting in my 'pile' for some time now has been this idea - of RAVENS.

So I got out a BIGGER canvas, 15 x 30...
wrapped around the edges for more painting space,
(no need for a frame)
and sketching (would show you that, but my iPhone won't cooperate 
with my email right now)

Then I dove right into and started that large guy on the right...

and the next day to the guy on the left...
Now I need to do some research to make sure 
the wrap around tail on this one is correct.
Crows and ravens are different in the tail and beak area.
I want to make sure these are RAVENS, not CROWS.

For today I work on the middle raven - I love the background color.
Don't know where it's going, or if it will change.
I am letting the muse direct me on this one.

Check back soon!

1 comment:

Victoria on Okinawa said...

Awesome Pattie! Looking forward to the finale! Appreciate your wanting to get them accurately recorded too! Beautiful strokes and colors!