Sunday, February 16, 2014

New Pastel

"Sun Bee"
pastel on Canson pastel board
8" x 10"
For Sale on Daily Paintworks HERE.

Have been trying this pastel board made by Canson (it's not new, but I have 
a big pile of it to use).  I love their Mi-Tientes paper!
However, I use the wrong side of the paper, 
the side without much
'tooth' - the thing you need in a pastel surface to pull off the pastel and make it sit down
on the that surface.  Pastel hardly ever works on a slick, smooth surface.

This board utilizes the tooth that is found on the right side of that
familiar paper - a little too much tooth for me.
If you click on the photo, you will see what I 
am talking about.

I know that a surface definitely shows it's done in pastel
by virtue of seeing some of the tooth, but
I don't like that look. That's why anymore, I prefer
sanded pastel paper or board.

So I scumbled and scumbled this painting.
It had to come to an end.
I was even using a brush with
Gamsol on it, to brush the 
pastel down into the teeth
but still didn't achieve what I was after.

Live and learn - maybe I will use all that board
for trying colors and mixing colors up against
each 'try it' board.

1 comment:

suzanneberry said...

i relate to your struggle but the painting doesn't show you had one! it's lovely! i used to use pastel and the canson paper. i love that feeling of the pastel as it settles into the tooth and hated the other side. i so agree. lovely piece!