Saturday, June 7, 2014

3 1/2 Inches of Rain and a Spider in the Coffeemaker

Living amongst people in farm country is always interesting. Rain last night and heat (before we put the window AC in the bedroom) SLEEPING was a little haphazard, so we were sleeping in a little. Got a call bright and early from a neighbor who wanted to know 'how much rain we got'.  DH said he hadn't looked (at the rain gauge) yet.  Neighbor said he got 3.35".  Well, I know it only rained for a little bit, or at least that seemed like all the time I had to almost close the window near my side of the bed.

Upon getting out there, we too, had over 3.35".  Most rain we have had in 'a forever'! I swear, between closing the window and reopening the window, to keep rain out, it was only about 1/2 hour but it must have been longer.  Wow!  We live by a runs over fairly quickly when there is flashflooding, thank goodness we are on higher ground.  Looking skyward, we may get some more this morning..or it might just be 'burn off'. 

Water went over the road at the bridge and we have water where we usually don't have water.

And there was a spider scurrying quickly around the top of the coffeemaker as I started to make a brew..he scurried so fast, I think he may be part of what we are drinking..ewww.  Oh well.

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