Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New Listings on Etsy - New Art Hangin in the Galleries - Life is Good!

It's 98° outside, the mosquitoes are about to carry us away..so inside I work today!

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Working on getting "Daily Paintworks" up-to-date.

Made a trip to Independence Gallery in Loveland, Co. last week for "Night on the Town"
 and added new art to the walls there.

Now showing and selling art at Paul Wood Florist in Fort Collins, Co.

Interested in something on this blog that you don't see for sale, let me know.

While I was in Fort Collins, I celebrated the upcoming birth of my 2nd grandaughter, Sterling.
She will arrive sometime in the next 5 or 6 weeks.

AND...I got my Colorado FIX!  Love that state - someday - maybe -  I will live closer to there!

My son-in-law is a VERY talented artist - it was great to see the B & W series he is working on
and be in his studio a bit.  He is an awesome acrylic painter who has painted a lot of people!

This week will perhaps find me back in my OWN studio!