Saturday, November 15, 2014



oil on 24" x 26" black gessoed canvas

I have had this photograph I took of my three dogs 
hanging on the fridge for many years.
The black and tan Herman, passed 4 years ago, so it's been awhile.
In fact this photo I am using was taken very soon after moving
from Colorado to Kansas.  It was that 'first' winter
and they were all huddled up on their 
dad's lap on the couch to get warm (and vie
for his attention - like a 'me - me - me!!').

I had to paint it, it was just a matter of 
that FEAR you get
when you wonder if you 
can paint it right --- looming
over my head all 
these years.
I have waited and waited and finally
something told me it was time.

I have the dogs likenesses and expressions 
down just about right,
now I just need to work on the 
fur, the light, the shadows...continue
tweaking - it will look so great
hanging in our bedroom
above the Weims crate.

Here it is on yesterday's studio time...

Thanks for stopping by!
Please come back soon to see it finished.

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