Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thought for Today

AS I was looking through my weekly updates
from several sites 
I visit regularly, I felt this one needed to be shared.  
(and it's NOT JUST to match the sofa)

I think of the spaces I have in my house
that tell of that inspiration and gallery effect
that the article above shares.
My bedside 'dream' corner - a dreamcatcher I got 
from my DH when we were dating,
a copy of a petroglyph on a plaster plaque I bought at a store,
a painting of me and Chaco from one of my Where I Stand
Sunday photos painted by Susan Carlin/Texas,
a portrait of ME done in Fauvist style by Carol Nelson/Colorado
a handpainted livestock bell given to me
by a first grade student many years ago ~ 
that hangs off the lamp and makes a sound 
when I turn on the lamp (and that sound brings back memories
of teaching at Elk Creek Elementary in Pine, Co.) - and my lamp sits 
on a hand towel crossstitched by ME.

It's a hodgepodge, it's eclectic and it's inspiring!
What are some gallery spaces that you have created?

Sometimes they are created without even knowing it.

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