Thursday, November 13, 2014

Batman and Chaco

Today we have had hundreds of European Starlings migrating through, landing and eating off the grass, on the fence, on the roof.  My dachshund Chaco has been in and out of the house - all morning barking and carrying on.  A little earlier I had heard a fairly loud 'THUNK" like one of the birds may have hit the porch enclosure.  A little later, DH called me to come outside and corral the dogs to go 'inside'.  

There was a brown bat laying up near the house, panting and obviously in distress...wings outstretched, opening and closing it's mouth, showing it's teeth...if I could hear it - I would say it was growling...but no sound.

DH put it on a shovel and we removed it from the yard...

and placed it on the open and dry trailer in the's cold here today.
It still seemed to breath in a labored fashion though - like it had the wind knocked out of it? - and one leg was tucked underneath, so I was thinking it was injured somehow - pretty sure the dog had not hurt it, he only got close to bark and growl.
About 5 minutes later, I went back out towards the trailer to see if it was any improved or even I opened the door, a caught a shadow of something flying over - it must have been the bat.
It was gone.
Glad it regained it's little self and got back out to it's job.
All wild things have a place here ~ and we plan to keep it that way when we can.

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