Thursday, April 20, 2017

Work in Progress

Getting a start on a merged watercolor/pastel in my online class with Tonja Sell today.  I saw it right away yesterday, when the surface finally dried.  Had to get back to the studio today to get it going.  I get so caught up in art at times, it is all I think about.  Now that I've got it going, I can focus on other pressing things.  

Here is the start. Do you see the owl?

I saw other things too, but owl has been speaking to me lately. It is sometimes the last outdoor sound I hear when I let the dogs out for the last time..and then I can be awakened by that sound, through the bedroom walls in the middle of the night.  He penetrates my dreamworlds at times.  Would love it if it were a 'she'.  However, there are already two HOOTS in the night.

Stay tuned for more progress.
SIDE NOTE:  I try to use all my own source photos or borrow them from friends
or relatives,, the source for this one is from a stock photo company called Alamy.
I purchased the use of the photo from them.  
I would never copy an image from someone's photo without permission
these days.  It's only fair.  Photographers are artists too.

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