Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Charcoal Sketch on Velour

"Mom in Santa Cruz" - 1946" - 4" x 6" charcoal sketch on gray velour - NFS
Once again I am using some old black and white photos that I just find so fascinating, borrowed from 'the family albums'. Mom looks so refreshing in her little midriff top and white skort. Looks like she is shining her sunglasses in her hand. Those were really cool sunglasses! Ya gotta love all the hair! She was a midwest country girl who got married and moved to the West Coast. Note: if you want fine edgy detail, be aware it's harder to achieve on velour paper. I think I would like to do a more close-up study of this one on different paper. (Originally I had stated that mom was in Oakland, however, I now understand that they were on a little weekend in Santa Cruz.)

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