Monday, October 13, 2008

The Gift of Art

Recently our second grandchild was born. She has a very nice big bedroom but is lacking any decoration on the wall as they just moved into this house from a small apartment. Well, we can't have that...not in a family that has an artist who loves to I have been working on an idea of 6 little (6' x 6") paintings that will all go side by side onto a wooden base, surrounded by a frame.
Hmmm, what to paint for a little girl's room? I decided on a small series of stylized cupcakes in different compositions and colors, as her mother and I talked about ideas beforehand. Thanks to 'Martha Stewart's Cupcake Challenge' a while back, I got many of the cupcake ideas there.
After several days of painting, the 'art part' is done, although after it was done and I was satisfied with all of them, I lay awake almost half the night, planning in my head how I wanted to frame them. Does that ever happen to you?
The frame will need to be constructed (thanks Grandpa), painted and varnished before complete. I don't know if they will be left in this configuration or if it will change before the framing. Check back for the finished piece. I apologize for the little bit of glare on the photo, maybe there will be a better one when I get it in a frame.
And since I totally support reading to children, even at a very early age, I got "If You Give a Cat a Cupcake" by Laura Numeroff to go with this artpiece.


Leann said...

Pattie, those are absolutely wonderful!!

H-T said...

Yeah! Baby #2! Congratulations. I love the cupcake pics too.

Pattie Wall said...

Yes! Go back into January to see her, she was born Jan. 9th. She is a real sweet baby!