Thursday, October 29, 2009

Art Walk in Downs, Kansas

Last evening, many local artists (13 or so) were set up in different stores as a part of the Moonlight Madness sale in the town of Downs, Kansas.  My friend Jan and I were fortunate to have out set up at the Gathering Grounds coffee shop. 

We displayed several finished pieces on my easels at the front door.  There was a very big crowd here for the two hours we were there.  The owners had chili and cornbread (among other items) for supper time.  I met a lot of people.  Of course, I was partnered with someone who has lived here all her life, and knows 'em all.  Very nice people. I can also say, that I have a few friends that stopped by.
We also used this time to demo - Jan in oils and me in pastel.  Thanks to the Downs Chamber of Commerce for making this a fun and well attended event!

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