Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Still Life Painting from an Online Painting Workshop by Susan Carlin

"Still Life with Sunflower Painting"
11" x 14"
oil on canvasboard
The sunflower painting within this painting is by Ohio artist, Barbara Pask.  Again, this is the subject of an online workshop with Susan Carlin (see previous post).
Ellipses are difficult.  They are the "extreme symmetrical" and it's so important to get them right - or it bothers the viewer's eye and mind.  I had to work on my ellipse of the teacup a little more..hope it reads right now.
A large benefit to this workshop...critique!
We had two great critiques of our work which is always helpful. 
You learn from the assessment of YOUR work as well as the work of others.  Valuable!
(P.S. I have a new appreciation for those who paint 'still life'.)


Dana Chabino said...

Very nice painting! I like the one in the back ground too!!
Best wishes!

Kelley Sanford said...

Thanks for following my blog too. I like your work & look forward to seeing more. Happy painting. Kelley

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Dana and Kelley. Paint on!

Fibra Artysta said...

So beautiful!

Leann said...

What a great piece, and a great way to learn when you live in the boondocks!

Karen Hargett said...

What a great still life - I like the idea of on-line lessons. May have to do that next time.BTW I have something for you. Stop by my blog and pick it up! If you don't choose to accept it, I understand. :)