Sunday, July 11, 2010

Where I Stand Sunday (actually Saturday)

It's hot...OK?  I have the AC going in two rooms of this house, doors closing off other hot areas - fans blazing.  It never fails, whenever I do the laundry and take the clothes fresh out of the dryer to the bedroom to dump on the bed to fold them - along come the dachshunds...they burrow under the hot towels or shirts - even in the heat and look at you as though to say - "Just go away and let us stay here until these clothes are cooled off!"  Here they are keeping me from folding a towel.  I usually give up and come back later...but today, I didn't have the time to wrestle the issue.   I can see it when the weather is cold, but it's sooo hot right now.  Habit or need?? 
Even after the towel was folded, there still seemed to be something appealingly
warm and comfortable about it. 
Think nothing of it next time you see me with dog hair all over my t-shirt. I am already itching...☺
P.S. Today is also 'actually' my parents 65th wedding anniversary - Happy Anniversary to Ed and Glo - I LOVE YOU GUYS!! 
P.S.S.  If you saw this blog in the dark colors, I changed it, as the text was popping off the page - too much contrast.  This is a little easier to read...