Sunday, July 25, 2010

Where I Stand Sunday - RV trip

Hubster and I were at Prairie Dog State Park in Kansas this week, I thought it would be a more exciting photo than where I am Sunday.  Here we are - all 5 of us.  It was a hot one! 
Even the AC didn't cool us down that well. 
We are having difficulty with our big diesel RV...troubleshooting it and repairing it all we can, it is next to be in the hands of (hopefully competent) mechanics at Cummins diesel in Nebraska.  Lightning, is the culprit perhaps they tell us.  It at least runs now, but idles very roughly and knowing that, we don't want to go great distances - as planned - until we know it is up to those distances - operating it that way could be doing more harm than good.  So many sensors and serious electronic components - makes for the DIY'ers lack of ability to just "FIX IT!!" 
I hope we can simply say to the Cummins guys just "FIX IT!" and it will be so. 
Did I tell you my daughter and her family are moving back to Colorado from Brooklyn, N.Y.?  YEAH!!!! 


Mark Bridges said...

Looks nice there though, I know the heat, is a little dagger. I see the dog had his nose in it too.

Victoria on Okinawa said...

Beautiful scenes, sorry the RV needs repairing, but hope it will be up and running soon. Yeah! your daughter will be closer to your home! Happy for you!